Where Is Our Conscience?

But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of GOD – 2 Corinthians 4:2.

Where is our conscience as a people? Do we even have conscience at all? These are a few definitions i gathered for conscience;

“The moral sense of right and wrong, chiefly as it affects one’s own behaviour”

“A personification of the moral sense of right and wrong”

“Motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person’s thoughts and actions”.

“Conformity to one’s own sense of right conduct”.

“A feeling of shame when you do something immoral”.

Closing out on my research on the word CONSCIENCE, I chanced on :Consciousness; thinking; awareness;especially self-awareness”.

The above definitions give me little or no hope to the questions i asked earlier. The scriptural text drives the nail right through the coffin. So, I ask if there is indecent dressing or human rights has replaced conscience to drown societies?

Does shame hit or prick the conscience of this generation when they dabble in immorality? Are we redefining what is “wrong or right” outside the conscience brackets? Insanity is watering down the proper institution of marriage, erecting pillars of same sex marriage which is championed globally. What is wrong with us? So now political conscience is only to STEAL from the people? Politicians lie boldly to us to defraud us. Are your decisions, choices and actions in sync with sound conscience? From whence cometh the “open marriage” concept? I don’t want to even venture religious conscience because most followers don’t even know what they are following much more understanding it. Geeeeez! Why do you think terrorism is on the ascendency? Aren’t many “lost” even iin churches?

Let me attempt binging somethings to your attention by picking four points from the scriptural text above;

1. Hidden Things Of Dishonesty

When dishonesty things are hidden, they are more destructive when exposed or explodes. We all have dark spots which are our personal challenges but when founded on dishonesty then it lacks conscience, worse is when it is hidden. You know that you are making your riches through dishonest means so it must be hidden, it will one day come out. No matter how hard you cover up, what happens when you die? Are you proud of how you got the job or landed that favour? “Use what you have to get what you want” was perhaps the game, the recipient had no conscience to stick to integrity so you hiding it? Can you proudly talk about how you landed it publicly or it’s forever a hunting secret? Lack of conscience has set many on mission to wreck their marriages with what they invite in or wrecking agents out there  ready to crash marriages. Now both husbands and wives cheat in our generation, some have taken it a step further as “open marriage” to perpetuate such abominable acts. A lady once said to me “married men are more responsible and will take good care of you, they will not even worry you much with sex”, alarming as it may sound a healthy young man said “I love older married women because they are experienced and take excellent care of you”. I am not judging but this is where we are, a world of dissipating conscience. Will you collect bribes openly? I guess you are laughing it’s message that it’s wrong yet we indulge in this criminal activity on daily basis to the extent of influencing judgements and compromising law enforcers. You know some vehicles aren’t road worthy yet bribes keep them on the road. Will it be too much to ask what the church is using the monies for? This will start third world war especially when the church taxing issues comes up. For the records Churches are considered as non-profit making entities; don’t ask me if it’s true. Let’s see their financials first. Sorry my pastor friends, this is no attack but merely asking questions. Before you tag me backslidden, double check the “names” JESUS was called for spewing the truth and for the records JESUS paid “TAX”. What dishonesty are you hiding in your life?.

Put On The Full Armor Of God!

2. Not Walking In Craftiness

“Marked by skill in deception” is the definition i got from my electronic dictionary for the word CRAFTY, which could also mean cunning. I bet you want to point fingers at fraudsters who defraud people all over popularly known as 419 in Nigeria. Truth be told they are very crafty and intelligent with their deception but i want to elevate my discussion a bit higher. What these folks do for living isn’t right but some of them think it’s their way to “HUSTLE”. Wrong is wrong but conscience has been thrown to the dogs. Let’s go down memory lane with all the promises and counter promises by politicians and you will immediately know that they are skillful with deception. They have all the solution in opposition but they get into power and it eludes them. The Arab spring was a message  to politicians across the world but the African politician remains deliberately blind or deaf, if they pay close attention they will know that the rising youth will soon hold them to ransom to demand accountability. It is a dilemma whether the opposition or the government is for the people because it a vicious circle.

Politicians cook all sorts of deals to syphon monies with their private partners in the name of creating jobs while ” LOOTING AND SHARING”. I heard some well informed and ordinary Ghanaians say that they will not vote in the 2016 elections, the ruling NDC claimed to be transforming lives for a better Ghana while the opposition pushed a change agenda to prosper Ghanaians and fight corruption. I am still waiting to see how the NPP administration will effectively combat corrupt now that they are in power. I am all for the fight against corruption and wish them well. My point simply is that ” no politician can promise a people prosperity and success” because these are worked for, not bestowed. It is the responsibility of the people to work for their success and prosperity while the government provides an enabling environment.

Can we know in all honesty the health conditions of our public figures? Occupying a public office puts your life in public, as a matter of fact we are spending and taking care of you. Is it too much to disclose the health conditions of our public office holders? Knowing will kill suspicions, reduce propaganda and appreciate expenditure. Can we therefore ask for full public health status disclosure to the people before running for office? Will it also be too much to ask for the medical expenditures of these public office holders? If I am asking for the medical expenditures then their vacations and working expenses must be made public as well. One last thing, why won’t they develop the medical infrastructure in Africa instead of going abroad for medical treatment? I have chills hitting churches but if these craftiness of fabricated miracles, cooked prophecies and intelligent extortions stops then we will be clear in our minds when it comes to church. Growing up men of GOD could even settle political disputes because they weren’t bias but that office has soo much been brought  into disrepute that i don’t know what to say. I have nothing wrong with a man of GOD being politically affiliated but he shouldn’t be biased, rather put the nation first.

3. Not Handling The Word Of God Deceitfully

Since when did the word of GOD become a money-making tool? Truth be told, the word of GOD has deceptively been turned into a wheel of fortune by some to defraud and enrich themselves. Did JESUS charge for consultation? Did HE put a price tag on prayers? Was JESUS a fasting and prayer contractor? Did JESUS sell anointing oils imported from the far cast? Do you remember JESUS selling “healing porridge” and “holy water”? Where in the Bible did JESUS sell anointed handkerchiefs and face towels? Did JESUS claim to be originator of HIS POWERS or acknowledged HIS heavenly FATHER for that? Salvation is personal relationship with your MAKER, not in gimmicks and things. “Healing is the children bread” therefore it must be free. I don’t want to get into the anointing oils and the merchandising side of the WORD of GOD. Must members be coerced to give or it must be willingly? How do you know this is the amount GOD wants me to give? So because I am rich bear the prophet’s brunt? One thing i know is “when GOD calls you with a vision. HE makes available provision”. God doesn’t extort or force us to give our own lives so please men of GOD easy. Let’s go back to the TRUE WORD of salvation, we have even stopped preaching the second coming of CHRIST when the end-time signs are imminent. Another side of the problem is an itchy ear following, miracle seekers, prophecy chasers and non-thinking membership who ask no questions yet swallow everything raw. We will soon get to a place where “anointed sex” will be sold in churches if it’s not already happening. Abomination all over and the anger of GOD keeps swelling towards the church because instead of being the light, we are fast becoming deluded proponents of “darkness”

4. Manifestation Of The Truth

Manifestation of the truth is when our thoughts and actions are anchored on the WORD of TRUTH. Now we will ask questions based on the illumination we have received. The truth is despised by many so we may be despised but we will be vindicated. Anything outside the WORD of GOD isn’t the TRUTH, go for the TRUTH manifestation by immersing yourself intelligently in the WORD of GOD. Choose GOD over a man of GOD starts to dominate. Test and Judge everything by the word of God.


S E E K   T H E   T R U T H   A N D   B E C O M E   A   C R U S A D E R   O F  I T.